Elliot Mechanic is also Doc Rock, dentist by day, zealous music man by night. Creative with a vast knowledge of music production, he has been writing songs and recording them (onto tape decks at first!) since he was a teen. He has a knack for hunting down unique recording equipment of all periods, and also owns a serious record collection, which includes some of the world’s rarest soul albums. In the 1980s and 90s, Elliot was one of North America’s early vintage guitar collectors and dealers, and under the name Mechanicland personally dealt hundreds of instruments with the who’s who of music, including Brian Setzer, Mick Mars, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Klaus Voorman. The revamped church studio is testament to Elliot’s passion for music, and the name Mechanicland still carries its reputation for giving musicians everything they could dream of in a studio.



Michel Pépin is a Montreal-based musician, producer and engineer who founded Studio Frisson over 20 years ago. Since then he has been involved with many of the projects that have passed through the studio. Michel's project credits include: Stevie Nicks, Emmylou Harris, Kleztory, Jean LeLoup & Jean LeClerc, Rufus Wainwright, Daniel Bélanger, BetE and Stef, The McGarrigles, and many other critaclly acclaimed artists.



Omar is an established composer, sound engineer and music producer. He is the founder of the Mix Studios and has worked with some of the top professionals in the field. His client list includes Disney, ABC, CNN and CBS to name a few. Omar studied business in Boston while working at the famous Sanctum Sound Studios and has worked with artists such as T-Pain, Jojo, and former members of the band Boston. Knowing what it takes to make any project a success, his skills and dedication are the driving force that makes his clients come back time and time again.



Rockstar guitarist Johnny Hagopian has spent the last 40 years touring with big names like Moonquake, April Wine, Michel Pagliaro and Nanette Workman. Aside from his crazy onstage experience lies a knowledge of how things work backstage and in studio. Signed by Fantasy Records at Berklee, California, John spent three months working on Moonquakes second album that was released 1974. The versatile musician recorded with Toto at Clover Studios in Hollywood, has sat behind the mixing boards in France and Italy, and composed several commercials on the side. Over the past two years, John has been collaborating with his friend Elliot Mechanic. The two bonded over their love of vintage audio gear and guitars,  transforming the church into the most professional recording studio around. 



Daniel Joseph, or DJ, has more than 20 years experience as a studio musician and performer, and though he’s worked on all styles of music, his expertise lies in funk, pop rock and r n’b. DJ’s been getting the vibe ready at Mechanicland's Studio A for the past five years. He has worked with Nancy Martinez, Martin Stevens, Goldie Alexander, Geraldine Hunt, Tony Green, Joel Campbell and Coco Thompson. Over the years he produced Murphy’s Law with Cheri, Could it be Love with Loni Gamble, Pulse of the Planet with Slim Williams, Morning Pages with Alan Prater. An excellent writer and engineer, DJ loves working with tight rhythm sections and putting great music together.



Don Murnaghan is Frisson's in-house engineer and studio keeper.